A well-fitted tux can make a man “look like a million bucks,” but how can this same coverup be applied to something as simple as a notebook? Well if you’re the advertiser for Detroit-based watch company Shinola, you can do it with just a few words.

The high-end watch company, and now leather and bicycle retailer is known for making quality products right here in the good ol’ U S of A. Which means you’ll be wearing a hefty investment on your wrist. But for quality goods, “sure, why not?” To branch out, Shinola has reached into other creative/artsy categories with it’s products such as road-bikes and… notebooks. But it might be hard to make a notebook seem classy, but maybe not. Here is a screen grab from my Facebook Newsfeed of one of their ads…

Screen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-8.46.38-AMI highlighted the key words here that give substance to such a mundane product like a notebook. While many people are returning to using quality notebooks to write in rather than Word documents, it’s still just blank pieces of paper bound together. So how does Shinola sell these things from $14-200+?

Initially, the text up top is thought provoking to get the target audience thinking about their “next idea,” implying a creative/go-getter/inventor is seeing this ad, which is probably true. Next, they have the mass appeal of saying (in bold) American-Made. At this point I’m very interest because I know I’m not buying a cheap product. Their “not cheap” product is now further justifying its expensive self by using the word “premium,” understandably so. By the way, I have no doubt these notebooks ARE great quality, I really want one myself. Back to my point.

The text continues by letting customers know the ways in which this notebook can improve your life. If you think you’re a crazy mess right now, don’t you wish your life was more ORGANIZED and you had things STRAIGHTENed out? Well, you’re in luck(!), you can buy this journal! These words give comfort and stability to an ever chaotic society. Now this may seem like I’m reading way too far into this ad, but I’m not. This is why people (especially in the marketing industry) say “content is king.” Clever words make an impact. Lastly, Shinola thinks you need this with you wherever you go, because you never know… “when inspiration strikes.”

Oh, and it’s available in linen and paper covers in several new colors and designs. Just so you know this is still just a product.